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6-foot-shark found washed up on North Carolina beach

A Virginia couple visiting a beach in North Carolina came across a large shark that had washed up on the shore. Unfortunately, the animal had already died by the time it was discovered.

Dana Rose, from King George, Virginia, spoke with Fox News Digital about finding the 6-foot-long shark. She and her boyfriend were visiting Cape Hatteras National Seashore when she spotted the shark from their truck.

Rose said that when she first spotted the shark on the beach, “I jumped out the truck because I was worried it was still alive, because I didn’t see it the night before. But when I got up close I noticed it was dead. So I started looking it over to see if there was any blood anywhere, maybe from a bite or being caught in a net.”

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She explained that she has a horse farm, so she’s used to taking care of animals.

The shark didn’t have any visible injuries, however.

“It was strange because it was still soft,” she said. “The only thing I noticed was the skin was peeling.”

She estimated that the animal could have been on the beach for “a few hours,” and that it must have washed up overnight.

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This was the first time she’s seen a shark like this, she said.

“I know it was dead which was sad, but for me living on a farm and seeing that it was really cool,” she explained. “We visit Hatteras about six times a year and do lots of shelling and this was a find I didn’t think I would ever see. But also made me think! This is their ocean and we are the visitors!”

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