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9-year-old girl escaped death from crocodile attack in Mozambique

A nine-year-old child has escaped death from a crocodile attack in Chibuto district of the southern Mozambican province of Gaza.

The girl was swimming in the Limpopo river when the incident happened.

She told local media that when she realised that she was under attack, she tried to scratch the nose of the reptile which, before letting go, caused serious injuries to one of her legs.

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“The crocodile grabbed me and dragged me so I hit it and scratched its nose [snout]. Then the crocodile immediately released me and threw me,” she told state broadcaster Radio Mozambique.

She was immediately taken to a local hospital for treatment. Marta Moiane, a director at the hospital, has said the girl is in good health.

Dr Moiane said this was the second admission to the hospital this year from a crocodile attack.

Crocodile attacks are common in Mozambique’s major rivers and their tributaries.

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