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Black Lives Matter Chicago celebrates Hamas’ attack on Israel

Days after Hamas terrorists paraglided into Israel, Black Lives Matter Chicago posted a graphic featuring a silhouette of a paraglider and a Palestinian flag, along with text that declares “I STAND WITH PALESTINE.”

The shocking post has earned more than 14 million views on X so far, and BLM Chicago also made the graphic its cover photo on Facebook.

Elon Musk was among the many people who commented on the post on X. “Your position is clear,” he wrote.

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“I remember being called all kinds of names by fellow Christians for refusing to post the BLM black square or repeat their mantras back in 2020. They’ve always been this evil. Any Christian who has ever supported this wicked organization in any way should be deeply embarrassed,” BlazeTV host Allie Beth Stuckey tweeted.

“A domestic Marxist organization supporting a global terrorist organization,” Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas wrote.

“14 Americans are now confirmed dead from the attack on Israel. Hundreds of Israelis have been murdered, burned alive, and viciously raped and maimed. And this is how BLM reacts. Never forget who these people are. Never ever yield to their demands AGAIN,” GOP Rep. Wesley Hunt of Texas posted.

“I said from the very beginning that BLM is a terrorist organization. Now they finally admit it,” Matt Walsh commented.

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Some Americans, including the husband and brother-in-law of Blaze Media employee Ashton DeGroot, are currently stranded in Israel.

“Hamas terrorists bound, burned and executed children. They are savages,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said. “Hamas will understand that by attacking us, they’ve made a mistake of historic proportions. We will exact a price that will be remembered by them and Israel’s other enemies for decades to come,” he declared.

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