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Ethiopians pay tribute to pioneering musician, Hallo Dawwe

Hallo Dawwe

A freedom fighter, a hero, a pioneering woman – these are some of the tributes coming in for Ethiopian musician Hallo Dawwe, whose body was laid to rest on Monday in Adama town.

She was especially popular among Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group, the Oromo, who have long complained about cultural marginalisation at the hands of the state.

Therefore, music was used as a tool for empowerement by musicians.

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Artist Saliha Sami, called Hallo ”my model”.

”I love her confidence. She defies a lot of pressures. I follow her character,” Saliha told the BBC.

Hallo sang for more than four decades and recorded a total of 23 cassette albums, which makes her one of the most prolific musicians of her time.

However, she spent the last 10 years on bed rest due to long-term illness.

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“The people who I suffered to promote their language, culture and history have abandoned me,” she complained in a recent interview with the BBC.

Hundreds showed up to her burial to pay their respects.

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