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Fatima, a Moroccan with a pair of scissors to a successful designer slays DC Fashion Week 2023

Fatima, a passionate fashion designer, shared insights into her creative journey.

In the heart of Morocco, a young girl’s fascination with traditional Moroccan dresses ignited a lifelong passion for fashion. Fatima Zahra El Brak, the creative mind behind a Moroccan caftan/takchita design company Chic and Pretty, embarked on her journey as a budding designer at the tender age of 10.

Chic and Pretty founder

As a child, Fatima was captivated by her mother’s craftsmanship, who was skilled in creating Moroccan dresses. Fascinated and eager to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she took scissors and spare fabric to craft her own caftans. Little did she know that her innate talent would be recognized by her mother, who saw great potential in her daughter’s creations.

Under her mother’s guidance, Fatima honed her skills and nurtured her creative spirit. By the age of 15, she had sold her first caftan to an enamored client who was deeply impressed by her craftsmanship. Word of mouth soon spread, and Fatima’s talent became well-known, leading to a burgeoning clientele.

Her journey eventually led her to the United States in her thirties, where her passion for designing Moroccan traditional caftans, takchitas, and djellabas continued to flourish. Fatima’s commitment to quality and unwavering love for her craft shine through in every piece she creates.

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Participating in DC Fashion Week 2023 was a dream come true for Fatima

She described the experience during an exclusive interview with The African Press senior national correspondent as incredibly fulfilling and heartwarming, as her collections received enthusiastic praise from both audiences and fellow designers.

Chic and pretty

Chic and pretty

Fatima’s designs reflect her Moroccan heritage, featuring intricate embroidery and handcrafted details. She emphasized the importance of her family’s involvement in her creative process, with relatives contributing their skills and knowledge.

Fatima spoke highly of the DC Fashion Week’s models she collaborates with, expressing her appreciation for their professionalism and the positive experiences of working together. Her designs cater to both men and women, and she looks forward to further expanding her creative endeavors, with unwavering support from her husband and her growing community of admirers.

Looking ahead, Fatima has ambitious plans. She intends to continue crafting new collections regularly and has an upcoming fashion show scheduled for this month. Her boundless inspiration drives her to keep exploring new horizons in the fashion industry.

Today, Chic and Pretty design stands as a testament to Fatima’s dedication and artistic prowess

With a global reach, the company ships its creations worldwide, ensuring that the beauty of Moroccan tradition is accessible to all. To explore her exquisite designs and learn more about Chic and Pretty, visit

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Fatima’s journey from a young girl with a pair of scissors to a successful designer exemplifies the power of passion, tradition, and a mother’s guidance.

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