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In Rwanda, China provides garment job for locals

Rwandan people work in Chinese garment factory Pink Mango C&D products in Kigali, Rwanda, on Jan. 28, 2022. Chinese garment factory Pink Mango C&D products has transformed the lives of local Rwandans through job creation and improved household income. (Photo by Huang Wanqing/Xinhua)

Chinese garment factory Pink Mango C&D products has transformed the lives of local Rwandans through job creation and improved household income.

The factory, which officially expanded its presence in Rwanda in 2019, has offered skills training to Rwandans, giving them access to productive jobs, and hence ensuring a better standard of living.

“When I got employment in this factory, I worked hard with passion to realize my dreams. Due to my hard work after one year, I was promoted to a supervisor position. I performed my duties exceptionally well during my tenure as supervisor, and now I have been promoted to production manager,” Fabrice Tuyishime, one of the employees at the garment factory, told Xinhua.

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He said the Chinese experts at the factory have equipped him with knowledge and skills in tailoring and he is now an expert in fashion designs and production.

“Before being employed by this company, I was poor and had nothing in terms of assets. After joining the factory, I got a job and started earning a salary, I bought a piece of land, I am now able to pay school fees for my siblings,” said Tuyishime.

“The Chinese experts are good people, they have trained us to be responsible people in future and contribute to the economic growth of our country. We are grateful for their knowledge and skills,” he added.

In 2019, Pink Mango C&D signed an agreement with the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) for the establishment of a modern garment factory in Kigali Special Economic zone that will produce garments for both the domestic and export market.

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The factory produces a wide range of garments, which include waterproof jackets, winter jackets, fleece jackets, padded jackets, quilted jackets, rainwear, windbreaker, work wear, sportswear, casual wear, T-shirts, nightwear, and trousers among others.

Tuyishime is among thousands of workers at the factory who have benefited a lot through job opportunities, skills and technology in fashion design and tailoring transfer and improved household income.

Pink Mango C&D is a good company that employs young people without skills and teaches them as well as gives them an opportunity to contribute to their career growth, said Evelyne Ryezembere, Human Resource Coordinator at C&D.

“When I joined this factory about one year and a half years ago, I learnt a lot of skills from the Chinese experts. When I started here, we had 1,200 employees and now we have more than 3,000 employees. This shows a huge human resource impact in terms of increased employment opportunities,” said Ryezembere.

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According to her, the factory has attractive salary packages compared to other companies and institutions in Rwanda.

“We have a wide range of bonuses. For example there is an attendance bonus if employees get to work every day and on time. They get a bonus payment on top of their salaries,” said Ryezembere.

“We also have a target bonus which encourages our employees to work hard and more. We also have a social responsibility policy where we have opened a kindergarten for the children of our employees, most especially young mothers,” she said.

The kindergarten provides employees’ children with comprehensive services for their early childhood development growth and reduces the time used by young mothers to go back home to breastfeed, hence increasing work productivity while assuring the safety of their children.

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“When parents finish work, they take their children back home. This is one of the best things we do on the social side of our social responsibility as Pink Mango C&D,” she said.

“We have plans of opening up a clinic here, as well as a retail shop where our employees can buy goods at an affordable price. I am very happy to be part of this factory. The factory has changed the lives of our employees for the better because they are able to pay school fees for their children, pay health insurance, buy home basic necessities and improve their social and economic status,” she said.

“Our company’s philosophy has always been that of mutual benefit. Regardless of our companies in Europe, Asia or Africa, we appreciate a balanced attitude,” said Gu Jingyong, Chairman of C&D Group.

“Our company is not only pursuing profits, but also we hope to take root in one place for a long time, in the process, we will consider what we can bring to this country, we bring technology, we hope to improve the living standard of local people, and at the same time the government can get more foreign exchange income through exports,” he said.

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“We are also committed to guarantee our workers improve living and medical conditions as well as provide insurance for them. Our target is to be the largest and best jacket garment factory in Africa. The biggest and best is not about profit, but to recruit more workers, so we plan to recruit 7,500 workers in Rwanda,” he explained.

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