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Jaajo’s trajectory to become significant force in fashion world after Ethiopian Fashion Extravaganza

A Nigerian-American music artist, Jaajo known for his fashion styling opened up as The African Press senior national correspondent, Bola Ishola, delved into his journey after his participation in the first-ever Ethiopians Fashion Extravaganza.

With an unwavering passion for fashion and music, Jaajo shared his excitement for this new endeavor. He expressed his long-standing dream of merging the worlds of fashion and music, and how the mere mention of events like the Fashion Extravaganza always piqued his interest.

Jaajo at the Ethiopian Fashion Extravaganza

His participation in the event came about through a serendipitous connection – a friend, who knew someone involved with the program, reached out to him. Jaajo saw it as the perfect opportunity to finally unveil his fashion designs, which had been overshadowed by his musical career.

When he graced the Ethiopian Fashion Extravaganza stage, the audience’s reaction was nothing short of incredible, reaffirming her decision to embrace this new chapter.

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As he showcased his fashion designs, Jaajo shared the inspiration behind his foray into the fashion world. He always aspired to be a designer, and participating in such an event allowed him to witness the stunning work of his peers.

Jaajo dressing a model during Ethiopian Fashion Extravaganza

The imaginative designs and creativity on display ignited a fire within him and reshaped his perspective on fashion.

This newfound inspiration led Jaajo to explore how he could combine his passions for music and fashion, ultimately broadening his creative horizons.

Jaajo’s collections carry a universal message – empowerment. He designs with the belief that every person, regardless of gender, should feel like royalty.

His creations are imbued with a regal aura, conveying a sense of self-worth and majesty.

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Jaajo encourages individuals to recognize their inner royalty and embrace their power.

Looking ahead, Jaajo has a busy schedule in the world of fashion and music.

The second edition of the Ethiopian Fashion Extravaganza is just around the corner, set to take place next on November, and Jaajo is actively preparing for it.

Furthermore, he has been tipped to participate in the upcoming DC Fashion Week in February 2024, including the winter edition of the event.

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Jaajo is eagerly gearing up for these two prominent occasions, and his fans can expect to witness his further contributions to the world of fashion and music.

With his passion, talent, and commitment, Jaajo is on a trajectory to become a significant force in the fashion world, transcending his already prominent status in the entertainment industry.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments from this multi-faceted artist as he continues to make his mark on the fashion runway and the stage.

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