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Mark Huluka elevating African designers and models on global stage at DC Fashion Week

Mark Huluka, is making waves in the fashion industry with his unwavering dedication to promoting African designers and models on the international platform of DC Fashion Week.

In an exclusive interview with The African Press senior national correspondent, Bola Ishola, the Ethiopian-American fashion designer shared his journey, insights, and vision for the future of African fashion.

Huluka’s journey in the world of fashion commenced at the tender age of 17 when he joined his family’s tailoring business.

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Mark Huluka

Growing up in an environment saturated with fashion, his natural passion for design began to blossom.

His deep-rooted inspiration is drawn from his family’s legacy in the fashion industry, particularly his father’s profession as a tailor.

This familial exposure to the dynamic world of design cultivated Huluka’s innate passion for fashion and innovation.

Huluka’s involvement with DC Fashion Week spans over a decade, and his contributions have played a pivotal role in the event’s growing success.

Mark Huluka

DC Fashion Week, a biannual extravaganza, provides a global platform for designers, models, and fashion enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to converge.

Within the realm of DC Fashion Week, Huluka focuses on forging connections between African fashion and the global fashion scene.

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His role primarily entails coordinating designers and models, fostering industry networking, and facilitating the participation of African designers on an international stage.

Reflecting on his extensive involvement, Huluka recognized the remarkable progress achieved by DC Fashion Week in promoting African designers and models.

However, he emphasized the need for continued expansion, advocating for increased representation of African nations and opportunities for designers from across the continent.

His goal is to create a platform that showcases the rich tapestry of African fashion to Washington, D.C.’s diverse community.

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Huluka also offered valuable insights for aspiring models and designers looking to establish themselves in the fashion industry.

He underscored the significance of professionalism, particularly for models, urging them to comprehend their unique categories and runway modeling.

For designers, Huluka stressed the importance of honing marketing and promotional skills, acknowledging that success in the fashion industry often hinges on effective branding.

He encouraged designers to explore international sales platforms to showcase and distribute their creations globally.

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As a designer himself, Huluka has a clear vision centered around ready-to-wear menswear collections.

He aims to craft versatile, semi-formal, and official attire catering to a broad age demographic, with a focus on appealing to both younger generations and those seeking stylish yet comfortable options.

In summary, Huluka’s interview sheds light on his influential role in elevating African fashion to a global audience through DC Fashion Week.

His unwavering dedication and commitment to creating opportunities for African designers and models highlight the rich diversity of African fashion on the international stage.

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