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Hijabi model Hajar embraces Moroccan heritage at DC Fashion Week

Moroccan model Hajar Moutawakkil, widely recognized in the fashion industry with her hijab, shared her insights and experiences about her modeling journey, particularly her participation in DC Fashion Week 2023.

Hajar proudly embraces her Moroccan heritage and sees herself as a representation of her culture and identity when she struts down the runway.

Fashion model Hajar

Her heritage holds immense importance for her, and she wears it with pride, especially when presenting herself on an international stage among designers, fellow models, and global audiences.

Hajar decision to participate in this particular edition of DC Fashion Week was inspired by the presence of a Moroccan designer whom she encouraged to join the event.

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Knowing that Morocco would be represented, Hajar felt compelled to be part of this special occasion.

Her message to young girls is one of empowerment and self-assuredness. Hajar encourages them to embrace their identities with pride, never feeling ashamed of their origins or cultural heritage.

Fashion model Hajar

The muslim fashion model emphasizes the importance of celebrating and educating others about one’s roots, whether through music, clothing, or cuisine.

Hajar applauds the African representation in DC Fashion Week, recognizing the participation of several African countries like Ethiopia and Nigeria.

She appreciates the beauty of traditional and modern African clothing showcased during the event, particularly the fusion of traditional elements with contemporary designs.

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Hajar underscores the significance of representation in the fashion industry. Her presence on the runway as a model with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds sends a powerful message of inclusivity and diversity.

Fashion model Hajar

Looking ahead, Hajar’s mission is to continue educating people about different cultures and her heritage.

She believes that the United States, often described as a melting pot, benefits from a rich tapestry of origins and traditions. She aims to foster understanding and appreciation among communities by sharing her heritage.

In addition to her modeling career, Hajar is passionate about fashion and its role in daily life.

She has actively collaborated with numerous designers, participated in photoshoots, and graced runways in cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Morocco.

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Chic & Pretty, a Moroccan US-based caftan/takchita fashion company has been a key figure to help in her success in her dedication to the fashion world and style.

Hajar extends her gratitude to Ean Williams and DC Fashion Week for offering her the opportunity to be part of an inclusive runway experience that celebrates cultural diversity.

Her journey as a Moroccan model has been marked by a commitment to representing her heritage and identity on a global fashion platform.

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