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Mozambique burns ‘cancer-causing’ cosmetics

Mozambican authorities have burnt 10,000 cosmetic products that pose “potential risk” to health following an alert from the European Union.

The products include shower gels, shampoos, creams and sprays.

The authorities say they contain substances that can cause cancer, in addition to being harmful to reproductive health and potentially causing infertility.

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The EU had warned against the products in early September, said Sheila Mercis, an inspector at the country’s medicines regulatory authority (Anarme).

“By incinerating, we are guaranteeing that in the market, at least, there will no longer be any [harmful] products for sale,” said Paulo Aguiar, a director of Medis Moçambique, which is owned by the Portuguese pharmaceutical group Azevedos.

The manufacturers have already submitted new formulas of the cosmetics in question to Anarme for approval so that they can be imported again “without the harmful substances”, according to Medis.

“All manufacturers in Europe have already withdrawn the [harmful] substance. The next batches will not contain these substances,” Mr Aguiar said.

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