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Nigerian artist’s exhibition showcases food preservation methods

Nigerian artist Olufela Omokeko buys fresh pepper at a food market in Lagos, Nigeria January 19, 2023. REUTERS/Seun Sanni

In his latest exhibition, Nigerian artist Olufela Omokeko is exploring the importance of food preservation in a country where food is often spoiled due to lack of quick access to markets and cold storage.

During a recent art exhibition in Iwaya, a slum in the commercial capital Lagos, guests also had the chance to taste Omokeko’s puree from dried tomatoes, peppers and local spices as he showcased age-old traditions on how to extend the shelf life of perishable food.

Nicknamed “son of a pepper seller,” Omokeko grew up seeing women who sell perishables at their homes or at the market throw away food because it was rotted.

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That problem remains, and Omokeko hopes to show Nigerians who come to his exhibitions how to dry and blend food to preserve its lifespan while maintaining the taste.

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