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Togo hosts Int’l Fashion Week amid Covid-19

Ghanaian designer GYD Studio's fresh and colourful models caused a stir at the FIMO 228 in Togo. Pierre René-Worms/RFI

Togo held its annual FIMO, International Fashion Festival in Lomé past weekend.

A number of fashion designers and lovers flocked to the event with different designs being showcased at the colorful evening.

The occasion did not only provide an opportunity to discover the latest trends in African fashion but also reflected on an issue that has become crucial today that is the creation of an eco-responsible fashion.

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One specific collection caused a sensation and was designed by Marrousia

Rebeca and the Togolese stylist Desmo.

Two enthusiasts of Upcycling, a system of recycling that gives a second life to used clothes and fabrics in order to transform them into new pieces.

“And so for a few years now, I’ve been committed to presenting one or two pieces in my collections that raise people’s awareness on environmental protection. So with this dress, I’ve intended to change people’s minds because I know that afterward, it will provoke debate. And we’ll be able to debate around it to raise awareness,” said Desmo, fashion designer.

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On a global level, fashion is the second most polluting sector after the oil industry. Producing in an eco-responsible way is therefore becoming a major concern.

Jacques Logoh, the promoter of Fimo, has made this the main theme of this festival this year in order to promote more ethical fashion.

“Today, many designers have entered into recycling. We see pollution everywhere, so we want to raise people’s awareness. Today, fashion designers produce a lot of waste when they make their creations, so now they have understood that they must really protect the environment,” said Jacques Logoh, the promoter of FIMO 228.

by doing upcycling and that’s what we’ve been doing for the last two years we’re on this theme.”

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A total of 58 designers were present at the festival.

Several ideas from fashion designers came up during this festival for a more ethical and sustainable fashion.

Some proposed creations with less polluting materials, or with abandoned fabrics. Others intend to give a second life to old clothes.

What now remains is how the commitments made in Lomé will be implemented.

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