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‘Tygerian Lace’ designer Burke shines at DC Fashion Week 2023

In a remarkable fashion showcase at DC Fashion Week 2023, Tygerian Lace left attendees enthralled and the designer couldn’t be happier with the reception her collection received.

The event marked the unveiling of Tygerian Burke’s Tygerian Lace much-anticipated all-season 2024 Spring/Summer collection, and the response was nothing short of spectacular.

Reflecting on the experience, stylist’s Burke expressed her elation, saying, “I guess I feel amazing. It was a wonderful experience to showcase DC Fashion Week for my all-season 2024 collection. I mean, I couldn’t ask for more. The crowd was amazing, and the overall response was great. So, I mean, I feel pretty good.”

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Her designs are rooted in the idea of catering to the everyday woman, a concept deeply personal to Burke.

She shared her motivation with The African Press national correspondent Bola Ishola shortly after she showcased her designs in the category; DC Metropolitan Emerging Designers.

“For me, I designed for the everyday woman. I mean, I was definitely that woman after having my toaster, and my two children that couldn’t afford high-end fashion. So, for me, it was really about giving back to that community, which is the everyday woman.”

Looking ahead, Burke has ambitious plans for her brand, with a focus on expanding and reaching new heights. She teased, “What should you expect? she ask when I questioned and she continue, “I mean, the sky’s the limit. I think that for the times ahead. I’m very excited. We have a collection that we are going to debut with the brand SHEIN in November of this year, 2023. And we’re also gonna be delighted to innovate, showcasing with a few publications. So, we’re very excited to showcase at the end of this year.”

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When asked about her sources of inspiration, Burke revealed her eclectic approach, “I’m inspired by my everyday interactions. I think for me, I love art. I love visiting museums, I love just overall incorporating the things that I need and my desires into my designs,” she concluded.

Burke has been a prominent figure in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, and her passion for bringing fashion to the everyday woman continues to drive her forward.

As her brand Tygerian Lace shines at DC Fashion Week 2023, fashion enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate her future collections and collaborations in the world of fashion.

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