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US president to back AU membership of G20

Joe Biden

The US is set to back the idea that the African Union becomes a permanent member of the G20 group of leading economies as President Joe Biden meets African leaders next week, the Washington Post reports.

South Africa is currently the only African G20 member.

“It’s past time Africa has permanent seats at the table in international organizations and initiatives,” Judd Devermont, White House National Security Council’s senior director for African Affairs, said in a statement quoted by the news site.

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“We need more African voices in international conversations that concern the global economy, democracy and governance, climate change, health, and security.”

Both the presidents of South Africa and Senegal have pushed Mr Biden to back increased representation for Africa, the Washington Post reports.

The US president will be welcoming his African counterparts to Washington for a three-day meeting starting on Tuesday. It will be the second US-Africa leaders’ summit after President Barack Obama hosted one in 2014.

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