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PG County Vice-Chair Wala Blegay commends Uche Ibezue after Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award

Uche Ibezue and PG County Vice-Chair Wala Blegay poses for picture at the Runway International Fashion Awards held at the City pf Baltimore in Maryland. Photo: bola Ishola/FMG Wire

BALTIMORE, Maryland (FMG Wire) – In an exclusive interview with the Vice Chair of Prince George’s County, Wala Blegay, who presented the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award to Uche Ibezue at the 2023 Runway International Fashion Awards in Maryland, emphasized the critical importance of women supporting women, particularly in leadership roles.

Blegay highlighted the need for a supportive community to propel women leaders forward, acknowledging the often thankless nature of her roles.

The Council Member Blegay expressed deep admiration for Ibezue, the award recipient, as someone who has consistently demonstrated a genuine commitment to empowering women for nearly six to seven years.

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“What sets Uche apart as a designer is her commitment to making people look good, inside and out. Her designs not only enhance external beauty but also boost inner confidence. It’s not just about the uniform; it’s about the heart and the thought behind it,” Councilwoman Blegay told The African Press senior national correspondent, Bola Ishola.

Blegay noted that Ibezue’s dedication to women’s empowerment goes beyond financial considerations, illustrating that her primary focus is on uplifting women rather than material gain.

“In a world that often places a strong emphasis on beauty and appearances, it’s refreshing to come across individuals who not only design beautiful attire but also genuinely care about the people who wear them, This is where the spotlight shines on Uche, a designer whose work goes far beyond fashion.”

She emphasized the significance of women supporting each other, explaining that, although pursuing individual goals and ambitions is essential, fostering a culture of mutual support is even more critical.

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Encouraging one another, particularly young women, was stressed as an essential task for women in leadership positions, underlining the collective need for a supportive “village.”

Ibezue was lauded for embracing this mission from the outset, recognizing the power of unity and encouragement in propelling women’s progress.

“Today, with gratitude and recognition, we celebrate Uche, an individual whose work goes beyond the runway. Her efforts in building a stronger, more empowered community have not gone unnoticed, and this Lifetime Achievement Award from the President of the United of America stands as evidence of her unwavering commitment to making the world a more beautiful place—both inside and out,” she concluded.

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